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Beat the heat!

Happy Summer! Summer is known for hot, dry weather; and this summer's forecast says it is to be warmer than normal, here in southern Idaho. Check out these tips from the National Weather Service.

You can also take this time to check out our L&L Sets. Lip Balm and Lotion Bars to keep your lips and hands moisturized and feeling silky. Just email us at to give them a try. Or you can pick them up at Wildflower Boutique in Kuna, Winchester Beef in Caldwell, Owyhee County Museum Gift Shop, and coming soon to the Withered Barn opening in Caldwell in August!

Summer Bucket List!

What's on your summer bucket list this year?

With the CoronaVirus Pandemic we know that some vacations have been put on hold or changed. We thought you might enjoy a summer bucket list from a Travel Blog, (I think my favorite is #43, Engage in a new culture at a street festival–try new food, meet new people, and learn more about a life that’s different from our own!) A number of great ideas for staying at home, close to home, or enjoying the great outdoors. Just make sure you have plenty of Sunscreen. :)

Sugar Scrubs are a great addition to your skin care routine

Not only are sugar scrubs wonderful exfoliators, which help to remove dead skin cells from your body to restore and refresh tired, clogged pores, it’s also a natural humectant. Which means it doesn’t strip skin of moisture and ensures your skin is left beautifully hydrated. We suggest using one of our sugar scrubs once or twice a week to maintain fresh, hydrated, smooth, silky skin. We have some great Sugar Scrubs available for you. Give our Lemon scrub, Cinnamon Vanilla scrub, Lavender Sugar scrub, Chocolate Sugar scrub.

Come check out the Homedale Farmer's Market every Thursday, 3-7pm. We are there with many other vendors, with fresh vegetables, flowers, spices, candles, masks, flavored oils/vinegars and so much more! Take the time for a leisurely stroll through the vendors and enjoy the evening.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see which events we will be at in the future and what fun craftiness we are up to! We even post local shops and businesses that carry our products. However, in the spirit of social distancing, please simply send an email with your order and we will ship it to your house for your convenience. Or order through our website at Shipping is now free, in an effort to help you and your family during these trying times.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

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