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In all the bustle of life today there is one thing that is on everyone’s mind right now: Coronavirus. Whether the thought of it keeps you up at night or you shrug your shoulders as it passes by your thoughts on a whim, the reality is that it affects humanity across the board.

Now, the news reports of dire shortages of toilet paper and hand sanitizer may have you wondering if you should have joined the band wagon to prepare for the worst. However, we ask you to pause and consider reports from the CDC instead of news media.

The Center for Disease Control or the CDC are experts in the study of disease. They consider all aspects such as the normal disease progression, how a particular disease is spread, how fast it spreads, and how to use that information to create medical treatment for these diseases. The CDC is comprised of brilliant scientists and medical doctors, so when they issue a report about a disease, you have a level of trust you can

have in their opinion due to the education and time dedicated to the study of their field. They are experts.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 sparks a lot of fear, but as pictured above, it is very much like your average flu virus, but it’s affects are much stronger. Deaths have been reported all around the world but the CDC has stated, at this time, these are in compromised or “at risk” demographics such as the elderly, those with already weakened or non-functioning immune systems, etc.

While there isn’t currently a vaccine to prevent you from contracting COVID 19, there are some very simple rules everyone can follow to reduce the risk of catching it. The CDC has provided the following tips to help prevent exposure to the virus:

1) Stay at least 6 feet apart from others as the virus is spread from person-to-person.

The term you may be familiar with is “self-quarantine” or “social distancing protocol”. This, in essence, boils down to staying away from other people or going to places that are high traffic where you may come into contact with surfaces that the virus could live on.

For example; public parks, grocery stores, the bank, shopping centers, libraries, daycares, university campuses, and public schools. Even dental and eyecare offices are restricted to emergency cases only as places where the public crosses paths are closing to proactively cut off the virus’s method of infection.

2) Cleaning your hands and surroundings often and avoid touching your face.

Yur home to ride out this pandemic.INIMUM 20 seconds of washing with soap and warm water. Other methods such as using hand sanitizer and wearing gloves also helps too. Good cleanliness helps lower your risk of infection. This may also be a great time to start spring cleaning. if you are self-quarantined to your home to ride out this pandemic. Wash those sheets, vacuum, dust, air out the house, clean out the dryer vent, deep clean your kitchen, etc.

While many cleaning items have disappeared off the shelves in the stores, we recommend looking to smaller businesses that would carry those items. That’s where we come in! Heart & Home Essentials makes soap that not only smells great and gets your hands clean, but also is soothing to the skin, even after all the frequent hand-washing you will be doing.

Tailgater Soap

The community favorite is the Tailgater, which is made with a craft beer and warm spices. However, we have other scents that we just rolled out for the spring!

Our seasonal soap, Lemon Balm, is made with the Lemon Balm plant. This bar is herbal, and has heavy notes of citrus. It has a wonderful spring clean aroma and won’t disappoint you when you lather up.

Speaking of lather, we also have created a new recipe for a grease-cutting soap for those that find themselves tinkering with cars, grills, or mechanic, the Grease Monkey soap will be your best friend. This bar of soap is made with the grease-fighting trio of tea tree, lavender, and lemon essential oils, as well as pumic, & coffee grounds for great scrubbing abilities.

For many of us, the time of year greatly affects our skin. Some folks struggle to keep their skin hydrated in winter as the air is so dry. Other folks struggle to keep their skin hydrated in the summer as outdoor activities leech out moisture. (Maybe it’s just me that has super dry hands after working in the dirt!) But Heart & Home Essentials has a great product for that in the form of lotion bars!

The spring rollout of new lotion bar scents are delicious. The family favorite right now is Mango Citrus, as it smells so good you want to eat it! However, there is a new chocolate mint scent along with a honey scented one for those that are not particularly into fruit smells. I personally love the honey lotion bar because it is made with beeswax from a local apiary in Eagle, ID. I enjoy using products that I know support local businesses and create less waste. Not only that, but it nourishes and hydrates my skin all day long.

Right now, through the month of April we will be offering a special on all our spring lotion bar scents. You can get spring lotion bars for $4.50 each. The lotion bars come with reusable tins that allow you to simply order a refill the next time so you can consciously help reduce waste and do your part! And not to mention they come in fun emoji faces for your enjoyment.

And last but not least: Lip Balms will roll out late spring and be in full production by summer. Currently there is chocolate and vanilla (like all good ice creams)! Stay tuned for our summer newsletter to hear about our fun summer products and specials

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see which events we will be at in the future and what fun craftiness we are up to! We even post local shops and businesses that carry our products. However, in the spirit of social distancing, please simply send an email with your order and we will ship it to your house for your convenience. Or order through our website at Shipping is free, currently, in an effort to help you and your family during these trying times.

Until next time,

The Heart & Home Essentials Family

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