A story of family


Meet Cheri

Cheri is the owner of the company and does little bit of everything. Cheri has always had a creative streak and has tried her hand at a variety of crafts over her 30 years of marriage.   Most recently she ran a successful catering business with her husband, Rick. 

Family is important to her and she enjoys that all of her daughters participate in the company.  Cheri's hobbies have always revolved around her children's activities and when Kenzi said she wanted to start a soap business, Cheri said "Let's do it!" 

Cheri handles all the not fun parts of a business such as paperwork, marketing, social media, and cost analysis. But being a great boss is also important to her, which is why she isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and help Kenzi make the soaps, teach Amberly how to crochet, help Rick with scheduling events, and assist Devin with sourcing materials. 

But her favorite part is when she gets to be Nana and play with Neal. 

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Meet McKenzi

Kenzi is Cheri's oldest daughter and the one who's passion fueled this family business we have today. Kenzi has ALWAYS been a creative guru from the day she could walk.  Kenzi is also our sole left-handed, red-haired, and green-eyed wild child. Sampson, Kenzi's fur baby, is her constant companion. He is a little dog with a big personality and keeps her busy. 

Kenzi leads our research department. She is the creator of recipes, smell combinations, and new product ideas. She is also the one who leaves giant messes in her wake in pursuit of creativity. 

On top of all her wild and crazy new ideas, Kenzi also takes photos of our products to put on our website! Finding a creative way to display products for quality photos brings a feeling of satisfaction to her. She loves to share the results of her passion with others and hopes you enjoy them too. 


Meet Devin

Devin is married to Cheri's oldest son, Eric.  They have 1 son, Neal, who keeps them on their toes. Devin loves to spend time at Sunday dinner with the family. Between working, home-making, and living a wellness lifestyle, adventuring with a wild toddler is the highlight of her day. Keeping up with a young boy who has a heart for play makes being a mamma fun. 

Devin has a B.S. in Biochemistry from Northwest Nazarene University and is the resident scientist on our team. Her job is to select the high-quality natural materials used in making our products. Purity is extremely important to Devin and she uses her passion for chemistry to help us select materials that are safe for you to use in your home and on your skin! 


Meet Amberly

Amberly is married to Cheri's younger son, Jake,  and is the organized one of the group, making sure we use method to contain our maddness.  Born and raised in Idaho, Amberly loves living close to her parents and two brothers. She attended Victory Charter School, where she met her amazing hubby Jake. They fell in love and said " I do" a year after graduation. 

Amberly says her biggest blessing is being married into a family that gave her many sisters, as she was the lone girl in her family. 

Helping in the family business is exciting to Amberly as she loves making products that are a natural alternative for everyday uses.

If you love our labels you have Jake and Amberly to thank! 

Meet Kimi

Kimi is Cheri's youngest child.  Kimi is currently training in the Army National Guard.  She is the encouraging one of the group.  We all miss her while she is working for her country.  She is the one with the nose who lets Kenzi know if her new smell combinations are best sellers.  

Meet Rick

Rick is the man behind the scenes that makes things happen. He helps with maintenance and sales and helps coordinates events for the company. Rick helps Cheri strategize for the business gives us valuable input on products we have designed and made specifically for our male customers. 

  Rick and Cheri have been married for nearly 30 years and have been on many adventures together. Seeing as they love to travel, they have been on mission trips to Argentina, Haiti and Indonesia; they have been to Japan, Mexico, Alaska and several mainland states.  They are looking forward to many more travels as they grow old together.